Review of Anaganaga O Athidhi on Aha:

Feb 15, 2021 Entertainment

This is a remake of a suspenseful thriller Kannada movie Aa KaraalaRatri. DayalPadmanabhan has directed both the film and the Telugu version was released on Aha. This movie is quite a new genre to Telugu film industry yet it has become one of people’s favourite.  It is one of the most watched new movies online and you can watch Anaganaga O Athidhi movie online only on Aha.


The whole story revolves around just a couple of main characters and takes place in one day. The film begins with a house that is blazing with fire as a couple of neighbours watching it from outside. Thanikellabharani starts with a saying as a priest, about how human desires will change their life and also tells that it is not a bad thing to have desires as a human. Mallika and her mother goes on to listen to his say but denies and leaves as it gets dark. Mallika, with her parents live in a small house they built for themselves in their own land a few miles away from villages. They live all alone as they are financially not stable enough as a whole family. Her father drinks alcohol a lot which makes their problem more complicated. Mallika and her mother plant vegetation and live in their own struggle hoping to have a better financial life. Mallika also wanted to get married but looking at their lifestyle, no one comes to marry her. One day, a god’s spokesperson, a fortune teller comes to her house and tells that a guest will come to her house and then their whole life will take a huge turn. He also suggests to beware of the guest and think beyond their greed for money. As he mentions, a solo traveller named Sreenivas visits her place to stay over night as he doesn’t have any other place to stay. They welcome him with warm hearts but as mallika gets to know that sreenivas is carrying some gold and huge cash along with him, her thought process shifts to such a psychotic level that she lures him towards with lust by seducing him. The story takes a stunning twist in the climax that will keep you surprised.

Review of Anaganaga O Athidhi on Aha:

Artists performances:

  • PayalRajun, being the lead character in the film, proved her acting abilities as usual.
  • Chaithanya Krishna started to grow his involvement in films recently and did his best to his character.
  • Thanikellabharani has been offered with such a philosophical and spiritual character on whose words the whole story runs.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Chaitanya Krishna

Actress: Payal Rajput

Other Actors:  Veena Sunder, Ananda Chakrapani

Director: DayalPadmanbhan

Producer: Raja Ramamurthy, Chidambaram Natesan

Editor: Preethi, Babu A Srivastava

Music Director: Arrol Corelli

Cinematography: Rakesh B

Story Writer: DayalPadmanbhan

Art Director: VithalKosanam

Other Information:

Running time: 90mins

Release Date: November 20th,2020

Genre: Thriller

This is a must watch thriller new movies online for some interesting evenings. It is a short story which leaves you impressed. You can watch Anaganaga O Athidhi movie online only on Aha.