El Shaarawy Receives a Flashback Card in FIFA Ultimate Team

Feb 19, 2021 Games
El Shaarawy Receives a Flashback Card in FIFA Ultimate Team

Stephan El Shaarawy was regarded as one of the greatest promises of football about 10 years ago since his sneak appearance at AC Milan scoring a good number of goals and wowing the world with his speed and dribbling.

In fact, many Italians placed the hope of the Azzurra National Team on the abilities of this player of Egyptian origin who seemed to be one of the best players in the world of the past decade.

However, not everything went very well for El Shaarawy and after suffering serious injuries he drastically lowered his level and now he plays a secondary role in AS Roma, where he has slightly recovered his level but has not yet managed to become an essential player for his manager.

Now, EA Sports has released a flashback card from El Shaarawy that assigns him those abilities that he had in the prime of his career, making him an interesting player in FIFA Ultimate Team. Although a little expensive, so you would have to buy FIFA 21 Coinsat FUTEAMGO to acquire it quickly.

Should you buy him? Here we tell you…

We are not going to lie to you. Using El Shaarawy’s card is a really funny because he has a great dribbling ability and speed that will allow us to dribble whatever defense crosses us, despite the fact that he has some shortcomings that keep him away from being a front-line player .

The main virtue of this flashback card is the dribbling, thanks to his 5 star skills that will allow him to do all kinds of juggling and crossovers to escape defenders who try to take the ball from him.

Furthermore, he combines this marvelous ability with 90 balance points and maximum points of pace and agility. A simply spectacular player in the offensive phase and a real delight for those who always like to face defenders.

Similarly, El Shaarawy Flashback has 86 stamina points, so he will be able to run the 90 minutes without lowering his performance. Of course, do not use him excessively because he could get exhausted, but it is something that should not happen unless you direct all the plays through his side of the pitch.

The recommended chemistry style for this card is Hunter, as it increases his speed considerably and gives him that explosive touch that will allow you to make a difference in matches.

However, El Shaarawy’s physique is one of his weak points. This player will be unable to withstand struggles from burly defenders like Van Dijk or Koulibaly, so you must avoid physical contact with opponents to take full advantage of his capabilities.

On the other hand, although he is not a born header, his 1.78 height make him a player capable of finishing the plays by heading inside the box as he has a good jumping capacity, despite the fact that he only has 60 points of strength.

In conclusion, this El Shaarawy Flashback card can be a great addition to your team and you should add it as quickly as possible. Of course, you must bear in mind that he will only have good chemistry with Serie A players, and this is not a minor impediment.

FIFA 21 is now available worldwide on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.